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Parent/Carer Input for a Virtual Reality Café

We know that virtual reality (VR) can help treat mental illnesses like anxiety. Some studies suggest it might be helpful for people with an eating disorder too. Our research suggests people with eating disorders think it might be helpful in their treatment to be able to go to a virtual reality café where they could try out things they find hard, like ordering food. We want to design this café setting and the tasks people can do there with people from the following groups: 1. People who have experience of having an eating disorder, 2. People who have experience of being a parent or carer of someone with an eating disorder, and 3. People who work clinically with people with an eating disorder.

We would like you to take part because you are a parent or carer of someone who has or had an eating disorder.

Interested Participants will be asked asked to join an online group or one-to-one interview, lasting up to one hour.

Participants will be paid with a £20 “Love to Shop” voucher. UK residency is not required.

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