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Personal Perceptions about Eating Disorders and Potential Services

Posted By Request:

My name is Carolina Anaya, and I am the research coordinator for the University of Chicago’s Eating Disorders Program led by Dr. Jennifer Wildes.

I’m reaching out in hopes that we could advertise a study we are currently recruiting. I have attached IRB approval and the research summary. The researchers are Dr. Jennifer Wildes (University of Chicago), Dr. Sarah Keedy (University of Chicago), Dr. Scott Hunter (University of Chicago), and Dr. Christy Tangney (Rush University).

The study is being conducted to better understand relations between biological measures, cognitive function, and eating problems in adolescent girls.  The study includes interviews, questionnaires, behavioral tasks, an MRI brain scan, and a blood draw. The study will occur across at least 2 study visits at the University of Chicago in Hyde Park. Participants can receive $150 for taking part in study activities.

Individuals may be eligible to participate if they are female, between the ages of 12 and 19 years old, and currently restricting the amount of food they eat.

Closing date for recruitment is July 1st, 2019.

For more information, individuals can call (773) 834-0362 or email

The University of Chicago is conducting a research study designed to better understand relations between biological…

Posted by The University of Chicago Eating Disorders Program on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Posted By Request:


Project Title:  Personal Perceptions about Eating Disorders and Potential Services

Please contact the researcher if you would like a printed copy of this consent form at  If you have any questions about this study at any time, you should ask the researchers named in this consent form. Their contact information is below.

What is the study about?
This is a research project.  Your participation is voluntary. The purpose of this study is to assess perception of the underlying cause(s) for eating disorders and potential participants’ interest in genetic counseling and testing that may help determine how to best care for individuals with eating disorders.

Why are you asking me?
Individuals age 18-65 who have been personally diagnosed with an eating disorder are eligible to complete the survey. Insight from these individuals about the potential for genetic services for them may help to guide such service development in the future.

What will you ask me to do if I agree to be in the study?
The survey will assess demographics and personal opinions and perceptions about eating disorders as well as genetic services. It is anticipated to take 15-35 minutes depending upon depth of open-ended responses. There is a final question asking about interest in being contacted for future studies. Completion of this question is voluntary. Should you choose to provide contact information it will not be linked with your individual response.

If you have questions, want more information or have suggestions, please contact Julianne Streukens who may be reached at or Lauren Doyle who may be reached at

If you have any concerns about your rights, how you are being treated, concerns or complaints about this project or benefits or risks associated with being in this study please contact the Office of Research Integrity at UNCG toll-free at (855)-251-2351.

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