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Please Share Your Voices of Lived Experience With Us

Every parent out there has a story to tell, some insight to offer, and a lot of hard earned wisdom that can help others. Part of what makes FEAST so powerful is that we learn from one another through the sharing of our lived experience.

We are looking for posts from the parents in our community for the “Voices of Lived Experience” blog section of the FEAST website. You can tell your narrative, talk about the advocacy work that you are doing, give your perspective on a particular topic, or offer some advice that can help other parents on their journey. You can post anonymously or using a pen name if you prefer. Don’t worry about your submission being perfect, we are happy to edit if needed. Just get your thoughts down and send them to

Voices of lived experience are powerful, and they make up the fabric of FEAST. Please share your voice with us!



  1. Meredith

    We are starting our fifth year with ED in our family. Our daughter is currently in an inpatient clinic for the sixth time. Each time she makes progress and chips at the walls that hold her captive. Her weight is no longer life threatening. She is finally able to willingly seek treatment for the long held debillatating mental issues that have plagued her young years. To me the key to opening the door to recovery for her is the acceptance and will to change her life and put in the hard work with proffesional support. Its time for us, her parents to step back, support where we can and accept when we cant. We have all changed in 5 years, learned so much about ourselves and mental illness. It has made us strong. Our daughter is stronger. Her life force is stronger than ED now. She wants control back of her life, she can see the whole picture and has the knowledge and courage to fight through. To parents starting their journey with ED, wrap your child in love, patience and arm yourself with knowledge and as much support as you can. Be kind to yourself and make time to recharge your batteries. Do not feel guilt or grief, its wasting your energy and will drag you down. Look for the smallest positive in each day. Do something to give yourself a little pleasure when and where you can. Whether its a walk in a park on a beautiful day, or having a coffee with a friend. Make time. Its important.xx

  2. Dawne Badrock

    Dear Meredith,
    I had to say how appropriate and well written your story is. I couldn’t say it any better. We are in year 2 and wish and pray for success in your daughters struggle.
    Thank you for sharing.

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