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Presenters and speakers for FEAST of Knowledge 2020: Information and Links

THANK YOU for being a contributor to this event. We had hoped to see you in Sydney, but we’re excited to turn lemons into lemonade and be creative. We are here to connect families and professionals virtually as best we can, with special F.E.A.S.T. flair. Our partners, the Butterfly Foundation, EDFA, and EDANZ are invaluable collaborators as we keep all the special Australian and New Zealand elements we had planned while giving unexpected access to even more people around the world: live and recorded for viewing “on demand.”

This page is to keep you our treasured presenters, over 30 this year, in the loop.

Tickets for the event are available for sale! CLICK HERE.

June 14, 2020 (June 13 in many countries)
7:00-11:00 and then 15:00-19:00 in Sydney time (conversion)
(This timing allows for both Europe and North American participation)
This event will go on live in two 4-hour segments. The timing of these blocks is meant to keep things in Sydney time while allowing those in the Americas a more reasonable segment, and another segment kinder to the waking hours in Europe. This is a very F.E.A.S.T. value: of inclusion of as many families as possible!
Zoom Webinar
We are planning a combination of real-time presentations and taped presentations, and all will be available on-demand afterward. We’re adding some bonus content and topics that were not on our original program due to enthusiastic support from our advisors and community offering to help.
Testing out the technology:
We are all learning new skills these days, and this is our first try at this scale of online event using this technology. We will offer opportunities for dress rehearsal/run through, by email.
Looking for tips on how to prepare your computer, sound, background, and microphone? Click here for a FEAST of Knowledge Presenter Primer

Gordon Brockway from Eating Disorders Families Australia

EDFA, Butterfly Foundation, & EDANZ

Presenter Registration:
You have received an email with a link to go register for the conference directly on Zoom if you have not already purchased a ticket to FEAST of Knowledge. We’d love you to attend the whole conference and have access to the on-demand recording, but if you can only be there for your session please bypass the paid ticket and use the link we sent you to register with zoom for the webinar.

If you (and co-presenters) are going to pre-record your session we have set up a way to sign up online to have us record it with you. Please coordinate with your co-presenters and sign up for the same time slot. The link to sign up will be sent to you by email.
If you want to prerecord using Zoom on your own, it’s pretty easy, and useful. Here is a tutorial that does a terrific job of showing how.

The program and schedule are available.

Presentation Guidelines:

  • The audience will be parents and caregivers primarily, so please use language accessible to people not in your field.
  • Our audience is mixed in terms of prior knowledge of eating disorders: some are new, and some have decades of knowledge.
  • We want to speak to all eating disorders, so anything we say that only applies to one eating disorder diagnosis should be labeled that way, and where we only HAVE evidence from one ED we use that as an illustration or “the best we know right now based on the research of X diagnosis in X age group.”
  • We also want to speak to all ages, so let’s not refer to children or adolescent or adult age groups unless speaking of particular examples.
  • Our families are international, and the people they are supporting are of all backgrounds, genders, and family types.


If you have any questions, need clarification, want some help with technical aspects, or want to run your presentation slides by us in advance we would love to hear from you. Please email us for anything you may need.

Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh & Nicki Wilson, co-chairs


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