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Real Feedback from Real Parents About FIRST30Days

When parents complete our FIRST30Days service, we ask them to take a survey so that we can make sure that FIRST30days hits its mark and offers the right information and resources to the families who are using it.

One of the questions in this survey is: How are you feeling about your family’s situation right now?

Here are some real answers from real parents:

“More hopeful. Better equipped to be an effective support.”

“Still scared but more knowledgeable.”

“More confident that I can handle it.”

“I feel more confident in my understanding of eating disorders and I am no longer blaming myself or searching my past for what “caused this” or what I did wrong, which makes a real difference.”

“I am feeling better equipped to support our daughter.”

“Much less alone–and the solidarity with and compassion of other caregivers gives me hope.”

“More confident and less terrified.”

“Empowered to take action, comforted, and encouraged.”

FIRST30Days is designed to help parents at every stage of their child’s eating disorder. Spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days transforming yourself into a more empowered and more resourceful caregiver. Click this link to register and get started immediately.





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