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Remembrance of Sara, age 34

October 27, 2014

I just don’t know where to post this. We lost our beautiful and amazing girl last Monday, Oct 21st. She died in her sleep. Thank God I was here with her. We thought she was closer to recovery than she had ever been. God answers prayers-just not always the way you might want Him to. Her struggles are over. She had a strong team here in Houston-but DEFINITELY NOT the local OP-ED center-they are beyond awful.

Our last 6 months with her were a gift from God. After attending the ED conference in Dallas we then understood EVERYTHING she had been going through. This healed our family and we got our child back. She once again became her younger sister’s best friend. What a gift from God. Thank you so much for your work educating people on the complexity of ED. I was here refeeding her for almost 6 months. Her employer held her job for 9 months, and she was back to work part-time, and was happy and positive. So close, yet not enough. Hug your children close. We are devastated as we try to empty her apartment and come to some sense of closure. Houston is a city that puts it’s arms around you, we are so blessed.

We now know the path we must follow. We will be advocating for ED education in Fort Worth.

Bless all of you-this blog is a gift. Every piece of information found here can be used.

– Determined Family