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Rosie Flett, age 21

February 11, 2017

From Rosie’s Mother:

Rosie battled against anorexia and then bulimia for 6 years and I firmly believe that although her death was by suicide her rapid mental deterioration was triggered by a considerable drop in
weight in the 3 months leading up to her death. Rosie was a fun loving cheeky intelligent young lady who prior to becoming ill swam for her county, loved cats and had been set for a bright future academically. She hoped at some stage to study forensic psychology. Rosie was a dedicated Winnie the Pooh lover and her trusted bear remained her confidante and security throughout her battles and the “Braver than you feel” quote will always remain her quote. Although I can no longer make new memories with Rosie I have so many positive memories of her short life to hold on to and be grateful for.

Rosie Flett 29/1/1996 – 11/2/2017

In Memoriam – Rosie Flett.pdf