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Stanford Study Offers Free Self-Help Resources (US only)

The Stanford Eating Disorders Research Program is recruiting US based parents who have a child aged 5-24 with eating disorder symptoms (18+ must be living at home with a parent/guardian). We are providing self-help resources for parents while they wait for treatment for their child. These resources will provide education about eating disorders and strategies to help their child. If the child has symptoms of a restrictive eating disorder, their parent will be randomly assigned to either receive a free eBook or access to an online platform (both resources have similar content). If a child has symptoms of other eating disorders, their parent will receive a free eBook. As a part of the study, parents are asked to complete a brief, 10-15 minute survey every 2 weeks about their child’s eating behaviors and other symptoms as well as their experience using the resources.

For more information, contact Hannah Welch.


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