U.S. +1 855-50-FEAST
Canada +1 647-247-1339
Australia +61 731886675
U.K. +44 3308280031
New Zealand +64 98875172

We’re global, but we’re also in your area: our regional Task Forces are parents working on issues of specific concern and opportunity in their regions. We currently have five Task Forces, and hope for more:

Belinda Caldwell, Chair

Lisa Burns, Chair

Judy Krasna, Chair

Erica Husain, Chair

JD Ouellette, Chair

If you have interests, needs, or projects to propose that are best addressed regionally, contact the current Chair or email to talk about starting a Task Force in your area. We welcome advocates from all regions, and very much want to expand to more languages!

F.E.A.S.T. FEAST international map - support for families affected by eating disorders