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We are here for you!


We are here to assist you in finding the care you are seeking for your family member. We are sorry you needed to find us and glad you’ve found your way here. We are ready, willing and able to help support your advocacy efforts!

Our Global Task Force for Regional Action seeks to:

  • share information about navigating successful treatment across each Canadian province and territory
  • address eating disorder issues and concerns specifically relevant in a federal and provincial context
  • raise awareness about F.E.A.S.T. in Canada
  • promote F.E.A.S.T. goals and principles, especially the promotion of evidence-based treatment




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Finding support for your child with an eating disorder in Canada
Finding support for your child with an eating disorder in Canada. If your family member is suffering from an eating disorder, the Canadian Advocacy Groups found here can help provide support and guidance in navigating the various treatment options available to your family.

Online support is also available throughout Canada from the following organizations:

Helpful Medical Resources:
Once you begin to seek medical care for your family member, you may discover that eating disorders are not always well understood by all health care providers. Many parents have found the following documents helpful to share with their first points of contact in the medical system such as the Emergency Care Physician or your Family Physician.

Further Learning and Resources for Caregivers:



**The links here are from Please change to .com or .org depending on your country of residence

***This is not a complete list and is the reading most recommended until you and your person are well on the way to recovery. A comprehensive, peer-reviewed list will be coming soon!