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US on the Global Task Force for Global Action

U.S. +1 855-50-FEAST
Canada +1 647-247-1339
Australia +61 731886675
U.K. +44 3308280031
New Zealand +64 98875172
Israel +972 23748988
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Welcome to the USA on the Global Task Force for Regional Action page!

We hope you are joining us because you are eager to facilitate change in the eating disorders field. Our missions are both education and advocacy/activism and we are looking for volunteers to support these missions. Working in an area you are passionate about is vital and we have several current areas of focus, so there is a volunteer opportunity to suit everyone.

As F.E.A.S.T. does not accept treatment center funding and depends on our volunteers, we appreciate your support and participation!

Areas of opportunity:

  • Education (developing an updating materials, working on and giving presentations that promote F.E.A.S.T. principles and understanding of eating disorders).
  • Legislative Advocacy (building a F.E.A.S.T. USA sub-group to interface and influence USA legislative focus).
  • Peer Support (through the Around the Dinner Table forum, the ATDT Facebook page, and through other peer support venues).
  • Influencing professional communities that intersect with eating disorders (Examples are: teaching, health care, social work, insurance, etc.)

JD Ouellette represents the US on the Task Force. JD is an educator and mother of four whose youngest daughter developed anorexia in 2012. Her personal experience of encountering only knowledgeable and up-to-date clinical help, and seeing the difference it made in her family’s journey and her daughter’s ability to fully recover from anorexia, inspires her to work toward making this a common, rather than rare, story. JD would love to hear from you via her email at [email protected] or 619.602.5624 or on Facebook messenger.

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