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Alec Rodney

Alec Rodney lives in San Diego, CA where he works as a retirement benefits specialist. Prior to this, he worked as a public sector budget analyst for the state of Michigan and UC San Diego. His wife of 28 years is a software program manager in the defense sector. They have two children who are currently at University. Alec’s involvement with eating disorders started with his daughter’s anorexia diagnosis in 2012. While she was in treatment at UCSD Eating Disorders Center, Alec and his wife got top notch training and learned the value of being empowered parents. In 2014, UCSD asked Alec to join their Parent Advisory Council, a group of alumni parents who mentor caregivers whose children are in program. His involvement with PAC includes one-on-one mentoring, attending multifamily groups, and leading a weekly parent-only support group. It has also led to Alec’s engagement in advocacy for evidence-based, family-involved treatment. Since 2014, he has attended ICED, NEDA, and FEAST conferences and put in countless hours of online support on Facebook groups dedicated to caregiver peer support and eating disorders advocacy. In 2016 Alec realized that he is a dog person after spending decades believing he was a cat person. His dog Kai is an amazing frisbee catcher.
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