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Erica Husain

Erica is mother to three children: one son; two daughters (all now fully-fledged adults). One developed an eating disorder at the age of 16 and recovered from it within a couple of years, thanks to a team effort that included, as its most creative element, the parents of the Around the Dinner Table Forum. They generously helped to illuminate a path to recovery with their wisdom, their experience, and their empathy.

Erica has lived in the Far East and the UK and is now based south west of London, which she considers “home.”

She has previously served on the F.E.A.S.T. board as Secretary and as Chair; also as Chair at Charlotte’s Helix – a UK charity set up in the name of a dear departed friend and former board member, Charlotte Bevan. Charlotte gave her last dedicated effort of advocacy to ensuring the UK would be  included in the international research challenge, ‘codenamed’ AN25K, to study the genetic links to anorexia.

Erica is a trustee at the recently incorporated British Eating Disorder Society.(BrEDS) is a registered UK charity aimed at cross-disciplinary networking and information sharing in the service of better treatment for eating disorders across the UK.

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