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Frank Brockmann

Frank Brockmann lives and works as an education consultant near Sacramento, California. In early 2019, he and his wife temporarily relocated to San Diego for four months while their 12-year-old daughter was treated at UCSD’s Eating Disorder Center. Like many parents, he found tremendous value in becoming ED-ucated and set about the task of learning through online support forums, TED talks, research presentations, and independent study in addition to the support and educational tools provided as part of the PHP and IOP programs at UCSD.

F.E.A.S.T. is a natural fit for Frank. He continues to seek ways to create and maintain personal connections between carers, parents, and family members–particularly those facing the prospect of “life after IOP / discharge.” Through the use of video conferencing, resource sharing, personal check-ins, website development, podcasting, and basically any potentially viable form of communication, Frank’s hope is to help all family members care for themselves and loved ones in pursuit of a full and lasting recovery from ED.

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