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Helen Missen

Helen Missen at FoK

F.E.A.S.T. became part of Helen Missen’s vocabulary nine years ago. It’s a name well loved and used often in her family. She says that, “From the moment it entered the family dictionary, empowerment occurred.”

Helen is the mother of three children; her daughter was diagnosed with anorexia. This experience instilled a passion for prompt, effective treatment at the heart of all she does.

Not only in Wales, where she lives with her almost grown-up family, but across the UK, Helen has been active in bringing eating disorders to the forefront of political, medical and local minds.

Her ongoing petition to the Welsh government urging extra funding for ED services resulted in monies released four years ago, and has, in part, led to a review of the Eating Disorder Framework for Wales.

Helen is a retired nurse and one of the original managing trustees for Charlotte’s Helix. She said, “It has been an exciting opportunity to herald the way anorexia is thought about and talked discussed in medical research. Being part of the Board of Directors for F.E.A.S.T. is an honour, and as such, a responsibility.”

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