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Tara McDonnell

Tara McDonnell lives on Vancouver Island, in Ladysmith BC Canada. 

Tara has served as Parent Partner with her local Health Authority on their Eating Disorder Steering Committee, attends annual Provincial Eating Disorder conferences and is an Admin/Peer Support person for International Eating Disorder Family Support.

In 2012, her daughter was diagnosed with anorexia at age 14.  Living in a small town access to evidence-based treatment was not available. While waiting for treatment in a large city centre her daughter’s health deteriorated drastically. Scared for her daughter’s life and unsure what to do, she took a leap of faith and reached out publicly asking for help from others who had experience.  It was immediately apparent the value in “professional by experience”. Later finding online, support forums and the knowledge learned through collective, experiences is what she believes made the difference in seeing her daughter through the illness and into FULL recovery. Today she gives back and continues to share experience, gives hope and empower families facing eating disorders.
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