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To Serve and Protect

The motto for our local police force is: To Serve and Protect.  I like it, I like it a lot.

When we were in the trenches and I had to dish up serving upon serving to replace food that was hidden/dumped/thrown it was my silent mantra.  I would think “…to serve and protect” as I girded my loins and plated the food.

Months in when we had gotten to compliance I would think “…to serve and protect” as I sat opposite at dinner still watching like a hawk.  I would think “…to serve and protect” when I was exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do was cook yet another high calorie, small foot print dinner.  I would think “….to serve and protect” when I was sick and tired of the whole mess and wanted to crawl under the covers rather than get in the car and go back to the supermarket to pick up more heavy whipping cream.

Now, some 3 years in, thinking “…to serve and protect” makes me smile.  I did that.  I served and I protected.  I was a total, absolute Food Police and I rocked it!!!!!

Do not bridle at being called ‘The Food Police’.  Nutritional Rehabilitation is the first order of business….and how do we get there?  We ensure that eating is not negotiable.  We police their eating: We regulated it and control it and kept it in order.  We take good care and we serve and protect.

So, do so without guilt or shame and if anyone gives you what for direct them to this study on weight gain which found that weight gain emerged as a significant predictor of improved eating disorder pathology, with earlier weight gain having a greater impact on symptom improvement than later weight gain.

*study via Dr.Sarah Ravin‘s Blog

Lisa LaBorde

Outreach Director

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