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UK Research Participation Opportunity

Study Title: What roles do siblings play in their family and how does this affect their help-seeking and coping styles?

What is the research about? This study aims to better understand the needs of individuals who have a brother or sister (sibling) with an eating disorder. We hope to do this through exploring how having a sibling with an eating disorder may change an individual’s role within the family, how individuals cope with having a sibling with an eating disorder and their attitudes and intentions to seeking help. This research could potentially help professionals to identify individuals who are in need of psychological support. To do this we will also be recruiting individuals who don’t have a sibling with an eating disorder and individuals who have a sibling with another mental health condition.

We are looking for people who: 

 Have a brother or sister
 Are aged between 16-25
 Are a UK resident and living in the family home or where the family home is your main residence (e.g. you are at university of boarding school during term time)

What does the study involve: The study involves completing a set of online questionnaires. These will take approximately 20-30 minutes and will ask questions about the way you cope with difficulties, your well-being, how you seek help, your thoughts around seeking help and the roles you take within the family.

How can someone take part? If you would like to take part or would like to find out more, please scan the QR code on the poster or you can use this direct link to read more and complete the study questionnaires:

For more information, please contact

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