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US Parents of Girls Research Opportunity

My name is Jordyn Abrahams and I am a doctoral student in the School Psychology program at the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University. I am writing this message to seek participants in a research study that I am currently conducting. The purpose of the study is to examine parents’ experience sharing their daughter’s eating disorder diagnosis with school personnel and its impact on their educational experience. In order to take part in the study, we ask prospective participants to meet the following criteria:

1. English speaking primary caregiver(s) of girls 

2. Daughter diagnosed with eating disorder between the ages of 12 and 16

3. Received diagnosis within the last 5 years

4. Chose to share daughter’s eating disorder diagnosis with school personnel

5. Living in the United States

Participation in this study involves an online interview through zoom for about one hour. Upon completion of the interview, participants will receive a $35 Amazon gift card. Participation is voluntary and confidential. If you could share the attached flyer with any individuals you have worked with who fit the description and might be interested in sharing their story with me, I would greatly appreciate it!

The goal of the study is to give voice to the unique experiences of parents of girls with eating disorders and allow school based clinicians working with this population to have an in-depth understanding of the struggles families of girls with an eating disorder face.

Interested participants should contact me at

Here is link to the Recruitment Flyer.

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