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Victim, Villain, Hero

I am in a trial. No worries- am not on trial. Along with feeding and watching  (the ED version of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’) I also do some law.  This has been a crazy summer of trials and they tend to suck everything into them like a black hole.  So, have had little time to sit and get a blog post out (extra energy is directed to above noted feeding and watching) but litigation has me thinking about conflict and stories and eating disorders (like, I said….everything gets sucked into the black hole…even eating disorders).

There is a classic conflict story with 3 characters:

1. The Victim
2. The Villain
3. The Hero

Actually, you could argue that these 3 characters are in every classic story full stop.  The conflict triad is the basis for a primal narrative script that all (not just conflict) stories use (think of your favourite fairy tale or any soap opera or every Hollywood blockbuster you have seen):    Victim (damsel in distress/underdog/orphan who lives under the stairs);   Villain;  Hero (Hollywood especially loves when the Victim becomes the Hero).

Our brains know and love this script.  It feels written into our subconscious and we respond.  Ok- here is my ED leap-

I have been seeing stories of Kesha in my news feed for the last few weeks and they all follow that script:  Kesha is the victim; the Villain is either the “big bad Media” or the “Music Industry”; and, the Hero is rehab/Insight/self-acceptance empowerment (Keshia has the power to love herself no matter what the pressures of the industry).

Same story over and over.  Writers write this story; readers respond to this story. So, I think….how do we reframe? Can we use the same script but recast the players?

Here is my recast:
Victim: Kesha or…Any of our kids
Villain: how about “the perfect storm” or “biological brain disorder” or “precipitating weight loss” or “severe symptomology”
Hero:  “Proper Treatment” or “access to experienced evidence based support” or, maybe even just plain straight up ‘Science’.

Let’s use the script to our advantage.

Lisa Laborde

F.E.A.S.T. Outreach Director

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