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Voices of Lived Experience of Eating Disorders

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Inspiration, lessons, insights from the people who have lived experience of having or supporting someone with an eating disorder

Staying Afloat

published by permission of the author and her family Writing saved Sophie Sheina Szew’s life and she aspires to show the world that literature can…

Still Standing

by Judy Krasna 2019 was somewhat of a mixed bag for me. I welcomed a beautiful new granddaughter to our family and watched my “original”…

Place The Oxygen Mask On Yourself First

by: Mary O’Brien “Hello everyone. This is your captain speaking. We are coming into severe weather with lots of turbulence. It is unclear how long…

Finding Our Sea Legs with F.E.A.S.T.

Finding our Sea Legs with F.E.A.S.T. By: Anna The first time I turned to F.E.A.S.T. our family had been battling an Anorexia Nervosa diagnosis that…

Feed, Feed, Feed: A dad’s voice

by Dan D We are 3.5 years into treatment with our now almost 16 year old daughter (Marie).  It’s been a slow fade back to…

Prejudice and Eating Disorders

By Bronwen Prejudice is rife in the eating disorder world, from the preconceived ideas of family and friends to the clinicians. The media today is…

Reflections On My Recovery at 40; A Journey With My Parents

Reflection by Helen I was 27 years old, in a happy relationship and with a good career when anorexia first entered my life. Over the…

Voices of Lived Experience: Wanted

You’ve read some of our amazing voices on our Lived Experience blog. We’d like you and your family to be part of that legacy. Write…

Family and a village of care are vital for eating disorder recovery

By Dr June Alexander F.E.A.S.T. Advisory Panel member “Life is not fair,” my psychiatrist said rather bluntly some years ago, when I was bemoaning relationship…

You wonder whether they can put the pieces of your broken daughter together again

Anonymous When your child has shown serious signs of disordered eating and goes off to college you are not really sure what is going to…

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