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Voices of Lived Experience of Eating Disorders

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Inspiration, lessons, insights from the people who have lived experience of having or supporting someone with an eating disorder

A Safe Harbor: Inviting Caregivers To Learn About Family-Based Treatment

By Oona Hanson Accessing eating disorder treatment for a child isn’t easy. Unjust barriers–ranging from stigma and shame to provider shortages and cost–get in the…

Calm down, mom! Dad, can you stop raising your voice?

by Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh, F.E.A.S.T. Board   “Calm down.” “Be confident.” “Relax, mom.” “Please stop shouting, dad.” Isn’t it strange how that kind of message…

Any Other Name

by L.H. an·o·rex·i·a What is in a name? they say. As a child this name brought troubling images to mind. It made me think of…

Warm Socks: Reflections on Recovery for Parents

by Daryl Madill, FEAST Board Chair Recently, I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed.  The pandemic, packing up a house to sell, a move to another…

I Hate You Anna. You Didn’t Win. Go. To. Hell.

By Maddie Powell Recently, I had a huge milestone moment that I would like to share with everyone. Back in 2011, I was diagnosed with…

Credentials From the University of Lived Experience

by Judy Krasna, F.E.A.S.T. Board Member and Volunteer As the mother of a daughter who had an enduring eating disorder for 13 years, the scope…

The Caregiver

  by Kevin Dunn Suffering. When we witness or endure it, we seek to alleviate or remove it. Parents and caregivers of eating disordered loved…

Recovery: using a solution-oriented approach and never giving up

by Melanie Stevenson, F.E.A.S.T. Parent Volunteer Thankfully my daughter is fully recovered, and the icing on the cake of that recovery is that, in spite…

A Call To Arms–Improving the Numbers

By Judy Krasna, F.E.A.S.T. Board Member and Volunteer I am not a numbers person; math has never been my thing. Spreadsheets with columns of numbers…

Anorexia on the Spectrum

By Ellen Ewing, F.E.A.S.T. Volunteer My husband and I sat uncomfortably in the therapist’s comforting garret office with all the colorful, spangled pillows and fidget…

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