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Voices of Lived Experience: Wanted

You’ve read some of our amazing voices on our Lived Experience blog. We’d like you and your family to be part of that legacy.

Write your story, or share a video. Pen a poem, or paint it. It could be a haiku, or a song.

We are working to change the way the public thinks of eating disorders and we can think of no better way that showing off the F.E.A.S.T. community’s voices and photographs and heartfelt written words.

If it fits with our Founding Principles, and you’re willing for it to be seen in the public domain, we want to share it.

PS, we’re happy to help edit it, if you’re shy about getting it “perfect.” We don’t believe in perfect around here, but we’ll help make your voice clear and honest to your experience.

Contact us today to share your lived experience with the world!

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