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Would you like to get involved? We’ve got many different ways you can do something impactful and meaningful to help carers and parents even if you don’t see them listed below. Right now, FEAST has our volunteer pool staffed, but future opportunities will be posted on our blogs and available to our mailing list.

Meanwhile, we do need your help in supporting the FEAST community as a peer supporter and in reaching families who need us.

  • Participation on our three online forums
  • Engage with FEAST on social media: we are active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Let families and providers know about our FIRST30Days Service: a free 30-day educational service
  • Daryl Madill
    Daryl MadillParent Support Line Liaison
  • Denise Robertson
    Denise RobertsonCalendar Editor

Global Task Force
Liaison: Helen Missen

We’re global, but we’re also in your area: our Global Task Force for Regional Action are parent advocates working on issues of specific concern and opportunity in their regions. We currently have six countries represented, and hope for more:

Australia/New Zealand – Nicki Wilson
Canada – Lisa Burns
Israel – Judy Krasna
Mexico – Cipatli Ayuzo
United Kingdom – Helen Missen
United States – Kym Piekunka

Parent Support Line
Liaison: Daryl Madill

We are here because we’ve been here. In this position, you help parents and carers who contact the F.E.A.S.T. website chat/email/phone lines in search of support. We serve as tour guides of our site and organization, primarily. Although we will naturally be sharing our own experiences when helpful, and may share a resource outside of F.E.A.S.T. based on our experience, we are not providing treatment or being in any way directive. You are making a difference for families and carers around the world.

Social Media
Liaison: Kym Piekunka

The Social Media Team post and maintain F.E.A.S.T.’s social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter increasing engagement regarding eating disorder information for parents and carers.  Team members also create posts for our four blogs, create design elements, and create video for the website.

Blog posts & Website – Judy Krasna
Branding – Frank
Instagram – Denise R. and Cipatli Ayuzo
Facebook – Lisa Burns
Twitter – (staff)
Videos – Kevin Dunn

Calendar & Global Support Groups and Events Coordination
Liaison: Denise Robertson

The calendar and listing of support groups and events globally is an important tool for our parent community. Seeking new groups, especially now that many are virtual, requires some coordination, ability to search resources, and update, update, update! This is an opportunity to learn what is happening around the world and serve our parents by simply making their search just a bit easier!

I’m so grateful.

Just want to say thank you for all you do. Thanks to getting connected early to your resources and practitioners who helped us start FBT assertively, our 10-year old daughter was able to make a solid recovery. I wish every parent had access to good information from the start as I can see how lucky we were to get things turned around very quickly.

If it wasn’t for the @FEAST_ED forum

Full recovery is possible but we and hundreds like us would be nowhere, entrenched/ bouncing in & out of hospital if it wasn’t for @FEAST_ED forum. - Concerned Mom

Thank you

Thank you FEAST for all you do for families.

not able to give much, but I truly feel like you have impacted our lives for the good

As an adult working on recovery, my mom and I have found your book, podcast, pamphlets, website, to be a source of strength, wisdom and hope. I’m not able to give much, but I truly feel like you have impacted our lives for the good. Your message needs to be heard.

helped me to help my daughter

For the ATDT forum. You helped me to help my daughter. She is now ED-free. Thank you!

What a gift!

What a gift FEAST is! every single one of you. Heartfelt thanks. Wish this could be more.

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