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Webinar with Daniel Le Grange, PhD: What’s New with FBT?

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  1. Carolyn Reed Hersh, MA, LPC, CEDS, FBT certified

    SO helpful to have Dr. LeGrange reinforce the tenets and structure of FBT. He’s an amazing resource (as a researcher, clinician, and speaker) to whom I as a certified FBT clinician am extremely grateful!!
    I am somewhat distressed that he said was no longer functioning. MAUDSLEYPARENTS.ORG is DEFINITELY ACTIVELY FUNCTIONING!!! And YES they do have a LIST OF PROVIDERS. I send parents to it all the time as well as to F.E.A.S.T. And Around the Dinner Table. These are my best parental resources (along with the Lock and LeGrange book for parents.)
    The Train2 Treat website (which is where Lock and LeGrange originally offered the certification process and still do) requires the certified clinician to pay an annual fee (8 years ago it was $100/yr) to be listed on the website (even though we paid a significant amount of money for the training and supervision). I was certified in 2013 but have chosen not to pay the annual fee. This does. Not in any way mean that I am not EXTREMELY grateful for all of their research and continuing effort to support and enhance FBT. I am just frustrated at the INCORRECT information.

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