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Are You A Parent With An Experience Of Having An Eating Disorder?

~Posted at the request of the researcher

University of Surrey
We are looking for individuals with experiences of being parents with eating disorders to take part in an exciting new study. The aim of this research is to improve our understanding of peoples’ experiences of being a parent with an eating disorder, whilst accessing mental health services. Through engaging in either an interview or questionnaire, the study hopes to gain greater understanding of parents’ experiences of current mental health support for eating disorders. We hope that this will inform future parenting support in mental health services.

If you would like to find out more about how you can take part in this study, please use this link, for further information about the study and to complete the questionnaire about your experiences as a parent with an eating disorder.

Alternatively, you can contact me by email via to ask further questions or to find out more about taking part in an interview about your experiences.

Thank you for your time. Hope Hodgson-King Principal Researcher

For more information please click here

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