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FIRST30Days–Because Parents Need Good Information

Ask any parent what was the first thing they did after receiving their child’s eating disorder diagnosis, and chances are they will answer that they opened an internet browser on their phone or computer and plugged in keywords like “eating disorders”, “anorexia”, “bulimia”, “ARFID”, or “Binge Eating Disorder”. In the year 2020, we get our information from the internet, where there is an abundance of knowledge to be gained.

Best case scenario, the internet search will produce current, evidence-based, accurate information about eating disorders that can help parents understand their loved one’s diagnosis and guide them toward how to best help their child. However, there is no guarantee that a random internet search will offer this best case scenario. Sometimes the information that parents find on the internet is based on research that is outdated. Sometimes this information is based on theories or therapies with no evidence base. Sometimes the information is misleading, misguided, and mistaken; however, parents have no way of knowing this. All information is not equal or helpful.

At F.E.A.S.T, we know that parents need good information about eating disorders. We know that caregiving can be exhausting, and that many parents lack the time and energy to spend countless hours searching for this vital information and wading through endless websites trying to sort through content. We know that misinformation can lead to additional distress and setbacks. So we came up with an idea of how to bring quality information and trustworthy resources directly to parents with one click of a registration button. We call it FIRST30Days.

Once parents register for our new FIRST30Days service, they will receive 30 emails over 30 days with approximately 30 minutes of learning materials each day. This service is specifically designed for parents/caregivers, it is broken down into segments by topics, and it’s very user friendly.

FIRST30Days enables parents to transform themselves into empowered and effective caregivers through the information, resources, support, and guidance that are all part of this innovative service.

Like all of F.E.A.S.T.’s services, FIRST30Days is funded by contributions from our parent community. All donations are gratefully accepted and truly appreciated.





  1. Sarah Rowland NZEDCS

    An excellent resource! Congratulations to FEAST in producing this guidance when the world is filled with fear and confusion it offers reassurance, support and direction in a clear and compassionate way.
    I have been recommending it widely.

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