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FIRST30Days: It’s For All Parents!

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Our fantastic FIRST30Days service was designed to give parents the knowledge and tools to transform themselves into effective and empowered caregivers in 30 days. You may think that as a more experienced parent, FIRST30Days doesn’t have anything to offer you, but it does! FIRST30Days has material that is valuable for all parents who are caring for a loved one with an eating disorder.

For example, Day 15 of FIRST30Days is about distress tolerance, which is encountered by all caregivers throughout their person’s illness. Acquiring the distress tolerance skills offered by FIRST30Days will prove extremely beneficial to parents in all stages of caregiving.

Many of the caregiving strategies offered in FIRST30Days are useful to more experienced caregivers of individuals affected by eating disorders as well as to newer ones. The lessons on Day 8 about identifying family strengths and on Day 11 about identifying assets on the ground can help reframe caregiving, which can ease the burden that families carry.

No matter where you are in your caregiving journey, register for FIRST30Days and let us help you become a more constructive and potent caregiver.


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